We need you for Physician Anesthesiologists Week. Let everyone know that when seconds count, physician anesthesiologists save lives. Get the resources to participate in your community. Physician Anesthesiologist Week 2018. Join ASA and advocate for patient-centered, physician-led care Jan. 28 – Feb. 3, 2018.



Dr. Litwiller’s Rovenstine lecture admonition calls anesthesiologists to action even more today than when spoken several years ago.  We can proudly declare that we began the patient safety movement as the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation celebrates its 25th anniversary.  We support “scope of practice” limitations to prevent the inadequately trained from harming patients.  Truth and transparency initiatives presume that all patients have a right to know the credentials of those caring for them, and recent action in Congress may soon allow Medicare funds already set aside for rural anesthesia services to increase the availability of anesthesiologists in critical access hospitals.  Yet, proposed reductions in Medicaid reimbursement and Medicare fees for specialists threaten to reduce access to health care for the elderly and the most vulnerable of New Hampshire’s citizens.  It’s all about the patient, because we have no other reason to exist.

It’s all about the patient, because we have no other reason to exist.

The New Hampshire Society of Anesthesiologists is a state component society of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.  Although membership in NHSA allows access to the incredible educational and other resources of the ASA, the NHSA hopes to provide its own value to its members.  Through our annual scientific and business meeting and through this website, we hope to provide educational value.  When issues that affect us require action, we will organize to advocate for our members, be it as an individual specialty society, in concert with the NH Medical Society, or with our national ASA.  Always, however, the NHSA will emphasize: It’s all about the patient, because we have no other reason to exist.