“The NHSA offers members a wide range of educational, professional and practice resources to support anesthesiologists and promote the highest standards of the profession.  Through continuing medical education, advocacy efforts, member communications and more, the NHSA offers professional value to all New Hampshire members.”

Some other benefits are

  • Free Yearly CME at NH annual meeting and Complimentary registration
  • Legislative representation to safeguard the profession & New Hampshire’s patients
  • Political Action Committee (PAC)  representation to assist in legislative matters and provide updates to NH members
  • Complimentary membership to Retired and Honorary Members
  • Reduced Membership for Residents and Associate Members
  • NH Representation in the ASA House of Delegates and Board of Directors
  • NH Representation and Lobbying in the State Houses
  • NH Representation in the Federal Legislative Conference
  • Representation in the New Hampshire Medical Society and it’s lobbying team